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Wine & Wills


DATE: February 19, 2019
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We’re not going to pretend that talking about your will is fun. We won’t con you into thinking that planning for your own passing is an exciting topic. Necessary? Sure. But thrilling? Anything but. That’s why we bring you the Wine and Wills night, a night that is designed to bring the “fun” back into funeral planning. Enjoy a glass to two of your favourite wine while we help unravel the topic of writing and preparing your own will

Led by the foremost legal experts in will planning, this class will educate you on how to prepare a binding and complete will in the event of your death. And to keep the night from getting too heavy, we’ll be drinking reds and whites while we cover your legal rights.

Planning Your Will

What prompted us to plan such a fun night? Besides the excuse to drink wine, the stats are actually quite sobering. According to recent studies, the majority of us Canadians don’t even have a will in place. The older you get, the more likely it is, but the younger Canadians often have nothing put in place. And for those that do, they are often out-of-date and don’t represent your current position in life. How will your estate be divided up in the event of your death? Who is going to look after your children? Will your loved ones get what they deserve from your wealth? Who can you trust to look after things after you’re gone? Without a legal will, there are no guarantees.

What Will My Will Cover?

In the light of those stats, we wanted to present you the option to have a legal will explained to you, the process of preparing one, and the opportunity to have one created right here. In this class, we’ll cover such aspects as:

  • Choosing an executor – How to appoint someone to ensure your will is carried out as you specify
  • Appointing Powers of Attorney – Either for your money or your health, they have the power to make the decisions that you are unable to.
  • Naming guardians of your children – If your children are under 18, you need to name a legal guardian to care for their wellbeing
  • Updating Previous Wills – If your will is significantly out of date, do you need a new one? Or simply an update on your existing will?

Making Your Own Will

As you can see, there is a lot at stake when it comes to writing your own will. This class, led by the experts in writing legal Canadian wills, should have you up to date with your next steps for your will. Even if it’s the promise of wine that brings you along, you’ll have a great time learning and understanding how to protect your estate and your family in event of your death. We look forward to clinking glasses with you there!


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Cass Lintott
Cass LintottFounder of Lintott Law
Cass graduated from the University of Alberta with his Bachelor of Arts in 1999, from the University of Saskatchewan with his Juris Doctor (Doctor of Laws) in 2003 and was admitted to the Alberta Bar in 2004.

After articling at Fraser Milner Casgrain LLP, he joined the firm Yuzda, Schuster & Bresky LLP as an associate. Later he became a partner of that firm and its successor, YSL Lawyers LLP.

Cass is also a member of the Canadian Franchise Association and Canadian Bar Association and former co-chair of the Calgary Foreclosure Section of the Canadian Bar Association, and was instrumental in the creation of the Court’s Foreclosure Fees and Disbursements Guideline. He has given numerous presentations to various groups in the areas of franchising, foreclosure, mortgage fraud, real estate and wills and estates.

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