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Don’t Wait for Spring 2020?


DATE: September 26, 2019
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Spring is an exciting time in Canada. After a very (very, very, very, VERY!) long and cold winter, most Canadians excitedly await the return of warmth. And it’s no different for the Calgary housing market.  As trends show, spring is also a time when things heat up in the real estate market with an inundation of new listings and new sellers. But why wait for spring to find your perfect home? In this course, we show you the benefits of finding that rare gem when no one else is looking.

Calgary Real Estate in the Spring

According to years of data, the highest demand for housing falls on May 1st. Isn’t it crazy how precise we can get? That translates to a huge number of people looking for housing in spring, thinking about buying new homes and moving into new places. But all that demand, according to the pesky laws of the free market, means that the pricing tends to be higher as well. We also see that borne out in the data, with pricing following a trend to slightly increase as the warmer months start to come in.

Some would argue that this is the best time to look for new homes. Maybe you fall into that category yourselves. You are planning to start your search in the spring of 2020 along with thousands of other Calgarians right with you. But there are advantages to starting your search a little sooner.

The Right Real Estate…Right Now!

In this course, under the direction of the experts at The Chamberlain Group, we want to teach you why waiting isn’t always in your favour. In fact, the best time to find your perfect home could be right now when the market is slower. When less competition is out there, you stand a better chance to land the dream home you want. Let us walk you through the competitive advantages and benefits you have to start your search right now.

Also, you aren’t guaranteed to have any better conditions in the spring when the perfect home could be the next listing you look through. For pulling out the lawnmower and replacing those winter tires, we would advise you to wait. But when it comes to finding the right place for your family, today is the day to start.

Who Are We?

This course is not only run by experts in the real estate field, but by local Calgarians as well. We’ve lived and worked in Calgary our whole lives. The last 15 years, we’ve devoted our time and energy to helping families find their dream home. And over those 15 years, we’ve seen dramatic climbs, steep drops, and everything else about a market that is unique to Calgary. It’s taught us a thing or two about finding great real estate. This is a class that lets us pass on that wisdom and expertise to you in a fun, friendly environment. We would love to see you there!


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