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Spring Market Ready


DATE: March 21, 2019
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Surely, you’ve heard how this spring will see Calgary’s real estate market flooded with real estate inventory. The boom is as regular as the thaw and people are keen to buy houses when the warmth comes in. The real question is this:

Are you ready to take advantage of this? Can you get your home spring ready to list on the market?

Of course you can. In this class, led by the most experienced real estate agents from The Chamberlain Group, we’ll help you cover all the basics for getting your home ready to sell this season. We’ll help you take steps to give your house the competitive edge in a hot market full of attractive houses.

Preparing to Sell Your Home In The Spring

The “spring fling” of selling homes isn’t unique to Canada. Even in countries like the UK, Australia, and America, the trend is that there are more houses on the market in the springtime. Our job isn’t to question why that happens. Our job is to help you prepare your home in a time when there are many different houses on the market, many options for potential buyers, and steep competition throughout the city. Plus, people are starting to think about using the summer to move, so buying in the spring allows enough time to make it happen.

We want your home to have every advantage this spring, so let us use this class to cover everything you need to sell your home. We’ll cover essentials like:

  • Decluttering – Now is the time to think about packing away all those loose ends to declutter your space
  • Cleaning – More than simple spring cleaning, why a clean home attracts more buyers
  • Styling – Looking to add a professional touch? Why using a stylist could bring many more potential buyers to your door
  • Attractive Listings – How to set up your listing so that it’s irresistible compared to other listings
  • Settlement Dates – How to set the perfect settlement date so that your buyers are ready to move in when they need.
  • Listing Dates – When should you list your home? How do you take advantage of that short window in spring? Which month sells most?

All this and more will be covered in our comprehensive class. Plus, you get to spend one-on-one time with the experts who know your neighbourhood and how your house will sell.

Our Spring Selling Experience

After 15 years working in Calgary real estate, we’ve learned how the markets repeat trends every year. We’ve helped countless clients find their perfect home they need and sell the home they have. It’s our commitment to Calgary families that prompted us to lead this class for you. Won’t you join us for a fun, informative course on selling your home this spring?


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