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Right Sizing


Learn the tricks and tools to help make the changes needed during this right-sizing phase of life!

DATE: January 17, 2019
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You’ve heard of upsizing, right? Not just in your fast food meals, but in your home, your job, your car. You’ve heard of downsizing, of course. But have you ever heard about “right sizing”? After this class, you’ll know all that you need to know about what this term means and how you can “right size” your home.  

January 17 will focus on how to help you make the changes and equip you with the tools and questions to help you through the process of right-sizing.

Throughout your life, you’ll discover that you need different sized housing. When you first start out, it’s often just you, or maybe you and your partner. Then kids come along and you need more room. And more kids means more room. You get promoted and can afford more housing options. But the reverse is also true. You lose a high-paying job. You have kids move out. Your life slows down and house maintenance can take its toll on you.

In our 15 years of experience, we’ve seen people choose homes based on their current life situation. Some need to buy bigger. Some buy smaller. But when is the right time to buy? Can you “right size” your home before you feel cramped or overwhelmed? Of course you can. And we can show you how.

Your Perfect House Right Now  

Part of this class will help you understand how to be proactive, not just reactive. It’s all about knowing your needs before you need them. If you can’t prepare yourself before you absolutely need it, you could end up costing yourself thousands of dollars finding a house that isn’t quite perfect for what you need. To save you those unnecessary costs and the headache of living in the wrong sized home, we’re going to cover some of the factors that help you decide which home size is best, These include:

  • Budget – Is the house price within your range? More than just the sticker price, you’ll have to consider heating costs, cleaning, furnishing, and all the added costs that come with a larger house.
  • Space – Sure the house is good now, but could it handle another child? Your parents? Guests from out of town?
  • Storage – Smaller homes are easier to handle, but what about everything that you own? Right sizing needs to allow for the room to store our things.
  • Layout – One 2400 sq.ft home does not equal another 2400 sq.ft home. The layout can play a huge part in how the space of the house is used.

What is My Right Size Home?

As we often hear, there is a lot to consider about finding the perfect size house for you. There is no convenient chart that you can look up online to figure it all out. Instead, let us help you out. The team at The Chamberlain Group have 15 years of experience and with first-hand help from the pros, we can guide you to right sizing the home you live in.


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Right Sizing

Dates: January 17, April 18 & October 24 | Making a change, and finding the right home that fits your current lifestyle can be difficult to navigate. Join us and learn some ways to manage through the clutter, find the perfect home all the while enjoying the process.


Wines & Wills

Date: February 19, 2019 | We’re not going to pretend that talking about your will is fun. But Necessary? For sure! Enjoy a glass of wine as we discuss wills and how to make them work for you!


Invest in Real Estate

Date: May 9, 2019 | Ever wanted to get in on this whole “investing in real estate” thing? Does it seem too complicated? Too expensive? Too risky? Join us as we dispell the myths and mystery around this classic and proven investment strategy.


Jared Chamberlain
Jared ChamberlainCEO/Broker of Chamberlain Real Estate Group
Working in the real estate industry since 2004, Jared is known for his ambition and ability to exceed clients’ expectations. His market expertise, structured focus and competitive nature not only provides home-sellers with the best results possible, they also encourage the Chamberlain Real Estate Group to move forward.

Through sophisticate systems and goal setting, Jared aims to revolutionize the real estate industry, building a platform that’s based on mutual respect, integrity and results.

Louise Hopkins
Louise HopkinsOwner of Space Reclaimers
Originally from New Zealand, I now call Calgary home after 8 years with my husband and young son. I have lived in a number of different cities and have moved house more times than I can remember! Growing up in a large family we had limited resources for extra “stuff” and we spent a lot of time creating family memories. Which now I can totally understand and appreciate the value of these special memories. We become so busy in our lives that sometimes we forget to live in the moment. I became an organizer because I want to help individuals, families and couples implement systems and have less items around the home which creates balance of mind, spirit and soul. You will also save time cleaning and save money by not buying duplicate items when you are unable to locate things. In my career I have worked in a number of different roles which have given me my work ethic and shaped how I am today, hardworking, reliable and trustworthy. It is a hard step to have a stranger come to your home and assess the situation, but the features and benefits are well worth contacting me for your free in-house consultation today so I can create your customized plan.

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