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How to Sell in this Calgary Market!


DATE: July 18, 2019
LOCATION: Edgemont Community Centre
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The current Calgary market doesn’t seem to be in favour of the seller these days. Is there a way to create a market and demand for your home? Join us for some WINE, FOOD and let us help you create a true home selling strategy.

We want to give you every edge this fall when the market isn’t always at its strongest. Although the trends tell us that the spring is the time when most homes are listed, you can still sell your home for the price you want with proper preparation. And we can help you do it.

Selling Your Home in the Fall

Soon enough, the leaves will change, the weather will start to chill, and the season for selling your home will be upon you. Have you done all you can to prepare for this season?

Fall is when we see a massive influx of students coming to the city, all in need of accommodation. We see families move around due to jobs and career changes. We see people starting new contracts for businesses right here in Calgary. And they all need to find a place to live. Take advantage of that interest by preparing your home for the fall market season.

In our class, let us cover the main points of selling your home such as:

  • Appealing to the Serious Bidders – For those who are still looking for homes, they are picky and choosy. Create a home that appeals to the serious bidder, not the looky-loos
  • Handling Less Competition – You might have fewer people through your listing. Use that to your advantage by offering a stunning home.
  • Attracting Better Demographics – Who are the buyers in this season? How can you create a listing that appeals to them?
  • Think Like a Buyer – What does a buyer want in their new home? What are they thinking about when they browse your listing? How to manage your house to look and feel ready for the cooler weather.
  • Staging and Styling – Have you considered what staging your home can do for you? The advantages of having a professionally designed house of buyers to look through.

If you can take the steps to prepare your house today, you can see the results when you list it this fall.

Making Your House Fall Market Ready

This class should give you the tools to list your house this fall. It’s not as simple as putting a pie in the oven when people walk through (although that doesn’t hurt), but these tactics come from years of experience and proven systems we developed with our clients. And now, we make that available to you. Sign up to be a part of a class that you just can’t miss!


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