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Buying Your First Home


DATE: June 13, 2019
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In what could be our most requested topic, we are pleased to offer you a course that walks you through all you need to know about buying your very first home. This is more than just a how-to guide. This is hands-on knowledge and expertise passed down by the real estate agents at The Chamberlain Group.

In over 15 years of working in Calgary real estate, we’ve helped countless families find their dream home. Although for many of them, this is their 2nd, 5th, or 15th home, it’s always an exciting time. But it’s extra special when we help a family that buys their very first place. There isn’t a feeling quite like receiving the keys to your very first house, and we’d love to celebrate it with you. But there are a few steps before getting those keys. And that’s what this course will cover.

The Process Of Buying Your First Home

It’s good to keep that moment of getting your keys in your head because there is a lot to cover before we get there. This course should prepare you for all the steps you should take before you sign on the dotted line. And it’s our genuine pleasure to take you through each of them.

  • Finances – Probably the first concern of any first-time home buyer. How to navigate the banks, loans, and mortgages available to you
  • Searching Through Listings – How to understand what a listing is telling (and what it’s not), and choosing the right place for you.
  • Choosing a Realtor – You will need an expert to guide you through the market. How to choose an honest, experienced real estate agent you can trust.
  • Location – Should you buy this house? On this street? In this community? Learn how to spot the good and bad locations in the city for real estate
  • The Bidding Process – When and how to bid on a house that you love. How to know when the asking price isn’t the actual price
  • Home Inspections – Don’t get suckered into a house that ends up being a money pit. How to use home inspections to your advantage.

As you can see, there is a great deal of information to work through. But the best information we can give is to use your head and not your heart. If you can into your first home purchase fully equipped and knowledgeable, you are already 10 steps ahead of the game. It’s the first-time home buyers that can easily get swept up in the emotions of buying a new house.  

Helping Calgarians, One Family At A Time

Oh sure, we’re biased. But we happen to believe that buying your first house is one of the most important decisions you’ll make in your life. Our aim is that this class helps you make the best decision for your family. We’ve been helping Calgarian families for 15 years. Join us for an informative and fun class about how we can help you too.


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